Someone Give Me a Tub of Ice Cream!

Today took a turn in the wrong direction and it’s left me feeling off my game, but before I dig into the shit, here’s a quick look at my mid-afternoon snack (12) and my lunch (1:30).

Last Friday during a marketing department meeting in my boss’ office I came across her stash of candy that she makes the engineers bring to trade shows. I thought a few pieces of candy would be a good pairing with my banana today. I chose the dark chocolate and krackel today, and will probably eat the other two tomorrow.

Do you guys have a favorite candy?

I normally only crave chocolate in the evening, but had a random craving today. I’m a sucker for M&Ms, plain or peanut butter (shocker!). I also love the Dove Promise chocolates since they have quotes inside the wrappers. It’s true that I open the chocolate just to read the quotes. A good quote always makes me happy! Other than chocolate, I love Swedish Fish and Orange Slices! Mmmmmm sugar. 🙂

Lunch was healthy, besides my cup full of ketchup that I used to dunk my chicken in. I need that shirt that says “I put ketchup on my ketchup.” I have a really odd addiction to ketchup. Help!

I Feel Like a 5 Year-Old with my Mixed Veggies!

I left work at 4 today to hit the spinning class at 4:30. At 4 I wasn’t in the mood to spin at all, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. I ran a horrid mile while waiting for class to begin and then went through the motions during the 50 minute class.

Usually Eve makes me laugh the entire class but tonight I could barely crack a smile. I could tell I hadn’t been spinning in 3 weeks as my arms were dying on the position 3 climbs. You would think spinning is basically only a leg workout, but there’s a lot of upper body strength that’s necessary to carry you through your ride. Needless to say, I signed up for next Monday’s class again. Hear’s to hoping it’s better than tonight’s ride. Can’t be any worse!

On to sadder news, today marks what would have been my little boys’ 16th birthday. Goldie was given to me when I was 9 after moving to Vermont. He was found on the side of the road in a box with a rope around his neck. In fact, the rope mark took years to fully disappear. Goldie and I were inseparable and he quickly became my best friend.

My Baby Boy ❤

When my Dad’s job made us move a 2nd time when I was 12, back to NH where I was born, I clung to my little boy for comfort and strength. Moving when you’re in middle school, is extremely difficult. That can be one of the hardest time periods for kids growing up, as they face  bullies and trying to fit in. I was overweight, and moved into my house the day before school began, so I had no time to meet the local kids. It didn’t help that my neighborhood was just being built so there weren’t any kids my age around yet.

G-berg knew when I was crying and would find me in my room and just lay by my side and give me the love I needed. Everyone who met Goldie fell in love with him, and my college roommates always requested him to be our house cat. When G-berg was 14 he started getting sick, and last May I had to put him down. This little boy was there for me during moves to NH, RI, and CA, break-ups and fights. To say I miss this little man is more than an understatement. I can only hope he’s causing trouble and getting all the ladies in kitty heaven.

My rough evening/night screamed ice cream, and I went out to Walmart with wet hair, no makeup and my 3 sizes too big sweat pants for something bad. Now the perfect cure for bad nights would be to spend the evening with my boyfriend, cuddle and just have him close to me. Well, being single doesn’t help with that! Now I understand why all the single ladies are in the ice cream aisle. On my hunt I came across Red Velvet Cake ice cream and was sold.

Then I texted Jaime about it, debated my decision, and came across this mofo and thought the Oreo yogurt was a better choice than the ice cream.

This will honestly probably sit in my fridge for weeks, but since it was $.66 I knew it’d be good to have it as a back-up for a future emergency.

Time to watch a few minutes of Dancing With The Stars and read a little bit before calling it an early night. Here’s to a new tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Someone Give Me a Tub of Ice Cream!

  1. my favourite would have to be some lindt dark chocolate. Can’t beat it I reckon.

  2. knarkrunning says:

    My favorite is peanut butter cups.

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