Zombie Friday

Today’s sign of the apocalypse is brought to you by Running on Peanut Butter. Said zombie is me. Watch out, I bite.

Remember back in middle school and high school when you would stay up for hours just talking with someone, completely losing track of time? I remember back in high school I stayed up until 3 am talking with my cousin’s teammate. Back then, I could get away with sleeping through class the next day, with the occasional head snap to wake me up.

As an adult with a career, I can’t get away with it, but I’m honestly not complaining. Last night I crawled into bed around 9 and read for about 20 minutes before shutting the lights out. I was exhausted but I still goofed around on Facebook from my phone. Things went from boring to fun and before I knew it, 12:30 came around and I had to pull the “adult card” and get some rest. I love the unexpected.

I paid for it on my run this morning, in fact, I probably ran like a zombie too; arms out, red eyes and foaming at the mouth. I should have run outside during the sunrise, that would have freaked a few neighbors out.  Aside from a dismal run, I did get some great strength exercises in and also completed the 1-2-3 Ab Workout again. Love that sucker!

Morning Workout

  • 3 mile zombie run
  • 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
  • 1-2-3 Ab Workout
  • 2 sets of 20 rock climbers
  • 2 sets of 20 air squats
  • Stretching

My pants are hugging my curves in great ways today.

My appetite is still raging today, and I had to face plant into my Raspberry Mango Overnight Oats earlier than normal. Feed the beast. I actually ate roughly half of my oats and will dig into the rest in about an hour or so.

The Evolution of Overnight Oats.. So Many Chia Seeds!

The thing I love about the overnight oats is that there’s a lot there, and it fills me up quickly so I basically get to enjoy 2 breakfasts for the price of 1. For a girl who loves to eat, I can’t complain about that one bit! I’ve realized all week I’ve been on my overnight oats kick and I’m thinking it will be my work week breakfast for quite a bit. Stick to my ribs oatmeal!

It seems like eternity since I said it last week, but happy Friday… FINALLY!

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