Saturday in New York City: Part 1

With the plan to hit the streets by 9, I set my alarm for 7 am, way too early to be waking up on a Saturday in my opinion, but I was anxious to get a run in before heading out for the days’ adventures. I was able to get a 3 mile run in, but since I was running out of time, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get any strength exercises in. I was happy with being able to keep my running streak going!

How awesome are the gym signs in the elevator?! That actually makes me WANT to workout.

I opted to make a protein shake with my new travel blender before leaving the hotel, but the others were craving a doughy New York bagel, so we walked a few blocks to Hot Bagel, a tiny bakery sandwiched between two hotels. They had muffin tins with the muffins freshly in them hanging from the walls, about 10 different cream cheese spreads and just as many types of bagels.

Nom nom nom! Everyone enjoyed their bagels while we took the sightseeing bus to Central Park, where we wandered throughout the different areas for a good hour and a half.

After watching a runner get taken out by a bicyclist (luckily she was able to walk away with a bloody thigh, elbow and left cheek) and visiting Strawberry Fields, where I sang the same verse over and over, we had planned to catch the sightseeing bus in the pick-up spot so we could head to Rockefeller Center, but a mile long parade was taken place which threw us off our game.

Instead, after already walking 3 miles, we continued on for another good mile to the Plaza, where we grabbed a hodgepodge of a lunch before heading back to our hotel.

When we got back to Times Square, there was a 3 block street market that we explored for about 30 minutes.

After that, it was back to our hotel to relax, refresh and munch on a few snacks before heading to  the 9/11 Memorial Site.

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