Balls, Pizza and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Talk About a Friday Night Done Right!

Last night Al and I hit up the driving range at Legend’s, where we once again scored a 2 for 1 deal on small buckets. Our former teammate works there during the summer while finishing up college so she always pulls through and gives us a deal. A small bucket for $2.75 a person. That’s a deal I cannot pass up!

After hitting balls for a bit, we headed back to my house where my parents were waiting with pizzas and salad. My parents haven’t seen Al since March, when I came home from Los Angeles, and she’s watching the pup while we take a long weekend to NYC next Thursday, so she was getting instructions and all that jazz.

I stole a few bites of pizza, but I wasn’t hungry at all, as I had feasted on Special K Crackers smothered in peanut butter beforehand. Remember that hunger dilemma I faced yesterday at work? Problem solved. 🙂

We had pineapple and pepperoni pizza for Al.

And the “Loaded” pizza for my parents.

I could only stomach half of my salad, which went undocumented since it was so boring, but I did snag a small, 4 bite-sized piece of the pineapple pizza. It was worth every bite. 🙂

Since my parents wouldn’t let Al bring anything, she decided to surprise them with chocolate covered strawberries, which were the perfect treat on a sticky Friday night.

I have a love hate relationship with chocolate covered strawberries. I love chocolate and I love strawberries, but whenever I bite into one, the chocolate crumbles off, and then I’m just left with a pile of chocolate and a strawberry. Anyone else have the same feelings?

This morning I went for a fairly decent 4.1 mile run. It started off worrisome (I think that tiny piece of pizza all of that peanut butter weighed me down), but soon enough I was able to find my groove.

I’m off to run some errands on this sunny Saturday afternoon before the storm hits later this evening. I have every intention of having a lazy Saturday night. Wanderlust is on my list of movies to see so I might just have to grab it from a Red Box.

Anyone seen Wanderlust? How’d you enjoy it?

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