Flavor Bomb in Your Mouth

Full of nerves due to a tightness in my right inner thigh, I was apprehensive about stepping on the treadmill at Gold’s this afternoon, but was pleasantly surprised when I handled a 2 mile run with ease.. and lots of sweat. I sweat like a beast. Thanks Dad!

Two weekends ago my cousin Nikki and I went off on a run around the beach and I came back a sweaty mess. My tank top was drenched, my hair was plastered to my face, and my chest, arms and face were dripping with sweat. Meanwhile, Nikki was sitting on the living room floor looking pretty as usual without a drop of sweat on her. She swears she was gross when she came back before I did, but I don’t believe it!

After my run, I tackled the undetermined cardio machine for 12 minutes before a little dumbbell action and stretching. Some biddie stole my core corner <– ha, what a dork! In the woman’s gym there’s one corner that has the mood set, and there’s always a medicine ball and mat set up for stretching and core work. It’s actually my favorite spot in the gym.

So Zen

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 12 minutes on undetermined cardio machine
  • 2 sets of 13, each side, standing side crunches with 8 lb. dumbbells
  • 2 sets of 13 deadlifts with 8 lb. dumbbells – 1 set included upward rows
  • 2 sets of 13 two hand triceps arm extensions, with 16 lbs. (2- 8 lb. dumbbells)
  • 2 sets of 13 two-handed triceps kickbacks with 8 lb. dumbbells
  • Stretching

Other great gym news, I’m allowed to spin when there aren’t classes scheduled! You don’t know how much this excites me. Sure I won’t get as intense of a workout in, but there are just some weeks where I can’t make the spin classes so now I’ll still be able to get my spinning workout in whenever I want! Two thumbs up for my excitement. 🙂

After the gym I enjoyed a protein and veggie packed lunch. Grilled chicken, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes! My newest addiction is chicken dipped in ketchup.

Flavor Punch

In all honesty, I know it looks extremely sickening, but it’s a flavor bomb in your mouth. Other condiments I love dipping grilled chicken in, include soy sauce and honey barbecue sauce. Nom nom nom. Also, I cannot believe I just said that.

Tonight at Primetime Wellness from 5:30 until 6:30 it’s happy hour where all shakes are half off. Instead of a whopping $6 per shake, it’s only $3. I’m ordering two for tomorrow, and contemplated my choices while holding a plank. I do love multitasking.

Too Many to Choose From!

I’m considering Banana Berry Breeze (it’s REALLY good) and Chocolate Chunky Monkey. I know I’ll want a chocolate shake tomorrow afternoon, and as much as I’d love to try a “breakfast” flavored shape like cinnamon roll, I think it might be a little sweet that early.

I’ll also be meeting with Dave, the owner of the company and Melyssa, my sponsor, to further discuss the company and marketing plan. They both want me to be an associate or partner in the club and I’m very excited to discuss both options!

Hope everyone is having a glorious Wednesday, or Winesday if you fancy that.


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