Night 2: Tacos and a Locked Bathroom

After getting back from our day of exploration at the Indian Echo Caverns, we relaxed on the couch for about half an hour watching Man VS. Food. We had planned to grill chicken and veggies, but Ryan got craving after craving while watching that show, which we are all obsessed with. First it was burgers, then they both agreed they were craving tacos.

We got to action and drove to the nearest grocery store to buy supplies. Upon arriving home, we realized the bathroom (the ONLY bathroom) was locked. With no way in, Ryan attempted to be a man and get the door knob off. After an hour, the stubborn boy finally called the landlord and handyman and within 30 minutes, Ralph, the handyman arrived. After several hours without a toilet, Ralph granted us access to the bathroom, which now sports a knobless door. You have some pretty good peeping access now!

I haven’t enjoyed a taco in years, and it sure was a delicious treat! I had one taco and then a taco salad.

Taco Salad: Turkey, tomatoes, Peppers, Cheese, Salsa and Guac!

With full bellies, we headed down the block to the riverfront to enjoy the Labor Day fireworks. Okay, what really happened was we heard a loud bang, thought it was thunder, then gunshots, then remembered there were fireworks.

Happy Labor Day!

After the fireworks, we settled onto the couches and attempted to play Friends Scene It, but had troubles with the DVD player, so we settled on Kill Me Again, starring the then babe, Val Kilmer. I made it halfway through before falling asleep, which disappoints me because it was actually really good! It was free On Demand so I believe I have something to add to my list of things to watch for this week!




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