Knots ‘r Us

Today has been a day from hell. My body is knot central. A combination of exuberant amounts of stress and golfing yesterday has left me with shoulders landmarked with knots. It hasn’t been a fun day, and it was an even less fun run. Not even a quarter-mile in and I wanted to stop. Pain in my legs. Heavy legs. I soldered through the pain and continued for 3.3 miles. I focused mainly on stretching and core work after my run, as I didn’t even want to look at a dumbbell.

Morning Workout

  • 3.3 mile run while saying every swear I know
  • Stretching
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 1 minute plank

Weights are on my “shit list” until my shoulders are feeling more relaxed.

I dragged my fat arse to work, where I slumped into Jen’s office and talked about massages. We both felt dead so we had a fun pity party while our boss was out running an errand.

I spent the morning working and trying to find an emergency massage therapist. It was that bad. The prices made me cry, and that’s when I started trying to knead the knots out myself. Ouch! I’m thinking my ol’ man has a job for his Friday night. Saves me 70 buckaroos. I like a good deal. I’m thinking yard work will be a sufficient form of payment. That always makes him happy.

My mid-day snack consisted of the bomb diggity, chocolate peanut butter yogurt.

Oh Yeah

Awwww yeah, in my mouth!

I started feeling a little better mid-day, and decided to head to the gym to try to wake myself up a bit. I took it VERY easy, and focused a majority of my workout on just getting light cardio in.

Afternoon Workout

  • .7 mile run
  • 16 minutes on the trainer
  • Stretching

As you can see, I seriously made it a light workout. I’m not sure what the cardio machine is I used. I found an image once online and it said it was a Nordic trainer, but when I did another search for the Nordic trainer, a completely different machine came up. The machine I basically a mix between an elliptical and an arch trainer, except the foot pedals slide up the machine.

HELP, what is this bitch called?!

After leaving the gym early, I walked the long way back to work since I had extra time to kill and still wanted to move my body. I believe I ran an additional .15 miles as well, in .05 increments. Yeah, I’m badass like that.

At this point, I was ravenous, and went for my gallon bag of home-grown cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and a turkey, ham and spinach sandwich.


Fat & Juicy, Just How I Like It

Turkey, Ham, Spinach and Mustard Sandwich


Boss lady left us leave an hour and a half early today! Time to return a few items to The Gap, exchange my library book and then head home for a relaxing evening. I did choose to spend the night getting rest and recharging and am thinking of attacking Harrisburg tomorrow morning.

I feel guilty not going. Although I’m glad I don’t have too many mean bones in my body, I wish I could get rid of the guilt bone.

C’est la vie.

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