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Gypsy Weekend with the College Girls

Like I said earlier, this weekend has been cray cray. My former college roomies came up to NH this weekend for our Gypsy Weekend, and it was quite the event! It was so good seeing those girls. Lindsay lives the next town over from me so we’re always together, but I hadn’t seen Michelle since October, and Nicole since last June!

Michelle came Friday night, but because I was in RI seeing Chris, Linds and Michelle went out, and I headed to Lindsay’s Saturday after my 4.2 mile run.

We ended up going to the Merrimack Outlets, which just opened up several months ago, to buy some cute new clothes. We all made out with some very cute purchase, which I’m excited about! I was good with my money and only bought one shirt from J.Crew. I SO could have spent hundreds there, but since I’m so good with my money, I simply treated myself to one top, which I’m IN LOVE with.

J. Crew Button Down

After that, we hit up the grocery store where we bought ingredients to bake Nicole birthday cupcakes. Her birthday is Tuesday! Upon getting back to Lindsay’s condo, we started baking up a storm and thought it’d be fun to experiment with food coloring to make pretty frosting.

Linds and Michelle Posing Mid Baking

We then had fun with some sprinkles!

Who Doesn’t Love Sprinkles?!

After baking, we all showered and got dolled up before heading downtown for a couple of beers at my favorite bar, Murphy’s. There, we met a couple of guys, talked, had a blast, and we ran into the boy I had my first kiss with. What a small world!


My Girls

Today, Nicole came up, as she was busy Saturday and couldn’t make it, so once she arrived, we went out for a yummy lunch at The Puritan (the girls wanted their famous mudslides), and we caught up for a long time before heading back to Lindsay’s. We then devoured the cupcakes (after making Nicole blow out her candles first), and continued to catch up before the girls had to start their drives home to Boston and CT.

Birthday Cupcakes

Time for me to catch up on laundry, my messes around the house and editing several pictures from Friday night. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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A Chris Carrabba Night

What a BUSY weekend this has been. I feel like I haven’t had a moment to just sit down for myself, until now. Which I only have about 10 minutes, so I better make it worth while.

Back to Friday night, I drove down to Rhode Island to see Chris Carrabba with my friend, Stacey. We were supposed to meet up at 4, but my lovely GPS decided to take me through the Cape Cod traffic, where I sat for a good few hours. Guess who I arrived at 5:30? This girl! Boooo!

We hung outside on The MET’s patio for a bit, drinking strawberry champagne and catching up before heading inside, where we continued to sweat our faces off.

Chris put on a great, show, acknowledged Stacey and I to the crowd like he always does (what up suckas, that’s our boy!) and played a few of our oldie favorites.


After the show, we hung out for a big before we went our own ways. We left earlier than normal but both agreed we didn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel.

Play me a Tune

All in all, another great night with Chris!

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