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17 Outfits and No Luck

Today after my run, I went out for a girls’ day with my Mom and went shopping. Our first stop was TJ Maxx, and we were in the mood to find some cute clothes and good deals. After browsing around for a bit, we took armfuls into the dressing room and had a little fashion show.

After trying on 11 items, I struck out. Not a single piece worked. I was so bummed! I have a wedding next weekend and I was really hoping to come across a pretty dress so that I didn’t have to wear my “go-to” dress.

After browsing the home goods section and coming up empty-handed we got in the suv and headed over to Target, our favorite store! Once again, we scoured through the clothing department and made our way to the dressing room. 6 pieces later and once again no luck. That made 17 articles of clothing that I didn’t like.

In between trips, I needed my energy, so I guzzled down this delicious cup of strawberry (protein) milk.

Good for the old Bones!

To top it off, the two buttons on my favorite pair of jeans popped off. And no, I didn’t get fat! Such bad luck today!

After coming home and grabbing a bite to eat, I headed next door to play around with G-dog in the sun before heading to Gold’s

I was feeling pretty full but still managed to get a GREAT workout in! I bounced from cardio machine to cardio machine and threw in a little core work in between all of that. I’m getting so antsy to take a class that I might just have to find one to take tomorrow. I won’t make it until Tuesday night’s boot camp. I need someone to kick my ass before then!

Afternoon Workout

  • .75 mile run
  • 10 minutes Stair Climber, 38 floors
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching
  • 10 minutes Nordic Machine
  • 5 minutes rowing, level 6
  • 10 minute cool down walk, incline 2.0

The workout felt great, but my stomach didn’t. I headed home, hoping to lay low, but upon entering the house, I was put on “carry a 52″ TV through the house and down the stairs” duty.

Time for a little relaxing with Friends Season 5. 🙂

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Ringing Your Shirt of Sweat

This am I set out for an early run, as I wanted to get a little shopping in before the clouds cleared and the heat arrived. I went off on my run, and by the time I reached 1.25 miles, I had a little friend with me.

This little guy came wandering down the road and decided he wanted to get a little exercise in too.

What a lil’ Cutie!

He seemed so thirsty and panting heavily so I waited around the street for a few minutes to try and locate his owner, but had no luck until a lady running with her two dogs came up. We talked about this little guy for a few minutes and she told me the owner’s do this a lot and the dog just wanders around the street. How awful! I apologized for stopping her during her run and proceeded to carry this cutie back to his house.

Later on my run we passed each other again and she asked if I had luck returning him. There really are some caring people in the world.

Can we just discuss for a brief second how hot it was on my run. I had to ring my shirt several times because it was drenched in sweat. Halfway through my run there wasn’t a single dry spot on it. Ick!

Oh So Schweaty


After my run I threw in a little stretching and core work before shoveling Banana Bread Oatmeal down my throat and chugging ice-cold water. Damn it was hot out there!

Post Run Fuel

Off to play with my neighbors’ dog for a bit then heading out in hopes of finding a few cute tops.

Happy Shopping Sunday!

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Got My Swimmies On

Starting today, I’m dog sitting for my neighbors while they go on vacation to my favorite beach in York, ME. For the past 3 years I’ve dog/house sat for them and I just love it, mainly because their yellow lab Guenther is so big and adorable.

Just look at that cute face!

“You’re cool but I miss my Mom, Dad, and siblings”

They have a new pool too so you can only imagine how excited I was when I got a text from the Mrs. today saying I could go swimming.

Pool Time!


Guess who threw their bikini on right away?! Yup, THIS girl!

Hot Mess.. Pool Time!

When I first got in, I started swimming in circles and tredding water; anything to get in a little extra workout. It started rumbling while I was swimming and eventually the clouds rolled in, so I jumped out and headed inside with G-man. We hung out for a bit, played tug o’ war, and I messed up their TV. Oopps! 🙂 If I were President, I’d make every TV and remote the same. I’m pretty sure every house has a different remote with different instructions. I babysit as well so just imagine all the remotes I’m supposed to memorize.

After my quick dip, I headed back home for a quick 1.7 mile run on the treadmill while I watched Galen Rupp take the Silver in the men’s 10,000 m. I was yelling and seizing while I watched the last lap, and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t eat shit on the treadmill.


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