“Your Legs Don’t Need to Seize Like a Crazy Person!”

Check out what I scored at work today! A coworker brought in extra veggies from her garden and Nichole knew the health junkie I am and told me about the free stash in the kitchen. You bet your butt I hustled to the kitchen and grabbed a squash, and modeled my victory to Jen, who proclaimed me a dork. I actually left the day with two squashes, as the second squash that I left in the kitchen for someone else remained there all day. Fair game suckas!

Just Hanging in my Office with my Squash

After work, Jen and I packed up our cars with our work and work clothes and then headed into Gold’s, where we set up our equipment in the class room. We talked for about 7 minutes about relationships and exes before Kris, the instructor came in.


Boot camp was AWESOME! I’ve never been so challenged in an exercise or class, and it felt great. By the time the class was halfway through I was laughing, giggling, smiling, and just high on endorphins. I can’t even remember everything Kris made us do, but we did way too many squats, jumping jacks, jump rope, lunges, crunches, push-ups, planks, bicep curls, rows, shoulder presses with squats. There was so much more and all of these were intertwined. Jen and I joked that our boss would probably wonder what was wrong when we limped, hobbled and crawled around the office tomorrow. All I know is that this workout was more than worth it.

After class, I introduced myself to Kris, as I had emailed her last week with questions about spinning, which she had answered so informatively last week. Kris was so excited to meet me and thanked me multiple times for talking to her after class. She told me to ease into classes and not to go all out at first in spinning, and that I kicked ass tonight. I can’t wait to take her boot camp class every Tuesday, and I’m going to peruse the schedule to figure our some of her other classes that I can take and that fit into my schedule.

Successful night! Now off to go relax with my book and hopefully call it an early night. This girl is exhausted!

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