My coworker Jen asked if she could join me at Power Crunch tonight, so while she stayed a few minutes late at work, I headed over to the gym and jumped on the rowing machine before our ab class. Yesterday I rowed for 5 minutes, and today I increased it to 10 minutes, with the last 2 minutes sprinting. It felt great, and I had Jen there next to me to make the time go by quicker, but man, my hands hurt! I have a few nasty blisters on my palms, but it was so worth it!

After my 10 minutes of rowing and her 5 minutes on the elliptical, we headed over to the class room and sat around chit chatting for a few minutes while other ladies of all shapes and sizes joined in. Phew! One of my biggest concerns with joining Gold’s was that everyone would be tiny and buff. My friends say I’ll fit in because I’m fit and thin, but these girls are just so much thinner that it’s almost intimidating. But I’ve had my big girl pants on for the past two days and putting those insecurities aside. I know this gym will make it worth it. There’s just something about going to a gym where almost everyone there is very determined and focused on being the best.

Shane was our instructor, and we’re pretty sure he’s ex-military, although not to be rude, he had a beer gut, and the way I see it is, I’d rather be in a class with an instructor who is fit. That just encourages me more, but let me tell you, he sure did put us through a rigorous ten minute ab workout. After 5 minutes, Jen turned to me and said “Oh my god, it’s only been 5 minutes!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or agree so I just made a painful looking face. I wanted to puke from the workout, it was THAT good! Hopefully I wake up with tight core muscles. I secretly love that feeling, makes you know you pushed yourself the day before.

My best friend, Mike is coming over right now to watch the Olympics. We’re so excited! Do you guys think the Olympics makes you want to increase your workouts and push yourself to extreme limits? I know it has that effect on me, and I’m sure it makes Mike feel the same way too. Anyone you guys are excited to watch compete or just certain events? I’m so excited for Track & Field and Diving. LoLo Jones is my girl!

Total girl crush!

Go LoLo!

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